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that disrespectful point of view. under the obama administration will also pay a price. we will be supporting many of those misguided young people who can't prosper in the marketplace. that's the memo. this afternoon she appeared again before the judge. ms. soto apologized to him. her attorney saying she was under the influence of drugs and her remarks were inappropriate. here is how the judge replied today. >> i think the judge watched my talking points memo earlier this week. we are thinking around the same thing there. the judge then vacated the jail sentence and if ms. soto can post $5,000 bond she can get out. joining us from los angeles, trial attorney. and from kansas city lawyer and psychologist. dr. russell, begin with you what do you think about this case in general? >> i liked it the way the judge had it, bill. consequences are key. way too many young people being spared. way too many consequences and way too many actions. really rare in life that we actually help people long-term by sparing them consequences of their actions. in fact, bill, that is much more the cause of our violence p
acting secretaries of commerce during the obama administration only 2 confirmed secretaries of commerce. so it's it not a major priority. >> all right. but i don't think the secretary of commerce does anything certainly hasn't done much lately because there isn't one. >> bill: they don't do anything. oversight? >> it is, as you would infer, it's a little patronage. we are hearing very clearly that the president can't find anybody to take the job. i don't buy that penny is going to take this job. this is an accomplished business woman. she is an important community figure in chicago. and she has got bigger fish to fry. >> bill: she is really far left person. >> no question about it. >> bill: she is not going to look out for me or you or anybody else. she is going to push a very left wing agenda on to the commerce department. >> which is probably going to be pretty concern that the of the president himself. >> that brings back to initial comment she doesn't care anymore. going to appoint these people. >> if he can find one. >> channeling his inner martin van buren. you know the master. ki
that the administration has put in place they haven't bunged the needle at all. participation rate is now less than it was when obama took office. less than it was in january january 62009. unproiment rate including people that have stopped looking for jobs. it's actually higher than when he was inaugurated. >> tell us why this ends up being great economic news for the country because we have unemployment number going back up yet there was job growth. 160,000 or so per month but not really up at that 300,000 you really need 270, 280, 300,000 level to see a real robust recovery. >> it's not great economic news. i'm glad gather mentioned that u 6 number because, in fact, these unemployment statistics way under estimate the number of people out of work there are a lot of people who are discouraged. this is, you know, the same story we have been seeing for the last couple of years. which is, you know, employers are not hiring. and a big reason for that is consumers don't have money. and why don't consumers have money? well, big reason is because they have not been seeing their incomes go up. why haven'
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)